Friday, January 29, 2010

Nom nom nom

The Munchfairys at Evie's Closet always made me laugh. Today i was told that there is one in a Hunt gift at Evie's store at Jubilee.

Outfit: *Evie's Closet* - Tiny Whimsy (Hunt gift on that sim. Hunts ends at the last day of January)
Wristlet: The sun friends bracelet female (x-mas Groupgift)
Eyes: sa_StarlightEyes_EthericOrchid (once a hunt gift now 50 Linden)

Sometime ago i blogged the Lika Ruby Groupgift. Now they have a nice coat on the Lucky board in their main store. This color is only available on the Lucky board. There are also other colours available. The cost 150 Linden if i remember correctly.
Outfit: +Lika Ruby+ coat rose(magenta)LB ver*
Socks: Art & Fun outfit socks (Lucky board item )
Shoes: i don' t talk about them i just wear them.

The coat is also available at the new Lika Ruby satelite store at Halca as group gift.
The Skin is a lucky chair item at ***Shine**. It comes with a shape so i had some fun walking around as Blond tall woman. Skin and Shape: Shine : Lana (lucky chair item)
Coat: +Lika Ruby+ coat rose(Halca-O-gift)

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