Saturday, March 27, 2010

Alone and pregnant

She dreamed always of having a family. Blond children jumpin around her asking for a hug. Drooling on her clothes and making a mess in a house. She always thought she would love it. Now she is married. She thought a dream would come true when she recognized that she is pregnant. But the relation to her husband changed. He started to work very late. Often she only saw him when he woke her when he slipped into the bed in the middle of the night not caring if she is sleeping or not. But the new secretary of her husband is such a good baker. She brings her a cake every day. Its the only joy she has at the moment.
Dress: **[studio m] Group Join GIft (boxed)
Skin: GIFT: Skin Eret!ka---> Maelys Free and exclusive!OBSCURE (Groupgift)
Fudge: KK - Brownies and Ice Cream with Hot Fudge (Midnight Mania)
Mouthcookie: Sanu Teasing you with Torte (groupgift)

There is an other skin in the groupgifts of Eret!ka.
Skin: GIFT: Skin Eret!ka---> Maelys Free and exclusive!
Outfit: ~Sassy!~ Glitter - black (Midnight mania)

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