Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lika Ruby China dresses

In one of my first blog entrys i wrote about the groupgift from Lika Ruby. At the clothing fair i felt for a fatpack of dresses from that store. They are very sophisticated. First you decide which underdress you want to wear. Then you pick a overdress which is a mesh. When combining over and underdress you get something new.
These are the underdresses. They got a pretty pattern and i like the colours. Its of course possible to wear those dresses without a mesh dress.
Here a picture of the overdresses. There is also a black one which i used for the first picture. Its of course also possible to wear those alone but you might like to wear some underwear under them.
So how much are those dresses?
Fatpack with all mesh and all under dresses: 790 Linden
Fatpack of all mesh dresses: 490 Linden
Fatpack of all under dresses: 390 Linden
one Mesh dress: 100 Linden
one under dress: 80 Linden

The Lika Ruby rezzday gift is also still available for 0 Linden. You only need to be a member of the Lika Ruby group.
Top: +Lika Ruby+REZday gift (0 Linden)

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