Friday, April 30, 2010

News from * Donna Flora *

Dreaming the night away in white but not planing to get married.
Donna Flora is selling new dresses at the grettony shopping mall. I wasn`t able to resist this wonderful white gown.
The top is great. I love how it is nearly uninnocent - if the holders move a little i would be in trouble - and looks elegant at the same time.
Here the skills of the designers are visible. The skirt is a systemskirt but its not visible. The avatar on the picture wore a skirtshape but it also looked great with a normal shape.
Dress: * Donna Flora * MARLENE DIVA gown (500 Linden)

Im kind of horrible when it comes to gowns. Normaly i buy them always only at one store. I say things like "here i know they fit me" or "its simply the best shop" but this one i needed to have. Also because Ania, who also made those wonderful pictures, said that my name is written on it. So im not only thankful that she made the pictures she also helped me with making the right desicion.

The Grettoy shopping mall is also looking for a marketing manager. So if you know how to promote a business in second life, send an notecard with a description of your abilites and experiences to Pietro Eberhardt.

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