Friday, April 30, 2010

Playing the guitar with 22769

22769 have a new midnight mania gift. A nice leather jacket which fits male and female avis. The textures are great as always and i like that there have been two kinds of leather used to make the jacket. I have found the shirt i wear under the jacket at the alternative fair. Its from weather or not. A really nice shop which is worth a visit. The guitar and the pose are a limited time gift from glitterati.
Jacket: 22769 : vintage bicolor leather jacket (Midnight Mania)
T-shirt: !WorN? Weather! or not? Tee v1.0
Trousers: 22769 groupgift 15th april - 14th May 2010
Guitar: GLITTERATI - Rockstar freebie (0 Linden)

Not only the alternative faire is going to end soon also the zombie popcorn hunt. So i wanted to use the chance to blog a skirt from tart from this hunt. Its rather short. The pasties are from -= FORSAKEN=-.
Pasties: -=FORSAKEN=- Tangled Dreams Shirts Series - Motherload (pasties come with the shirts if you want to buy only the pasties send a message to VincentVile DeSantis ) (200 Linden)
Skirt: TART mini mini -black (Zombiepopcorn Hunt 0 Linden)

When i was at -=FORSAKEN=- i won those wings at the lucky chair. The dress is from poison and the skin a gift from the alternative fair.
Wings: -=FORSAKEN=- Hope Wings (Lucky chair)
Dress: >>>Poison<<< Red skulls dress (Midnight mania)
Skin: Mango, Mango! - Gift

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