Saturday, May 1, 2010


Dragons have big, mysterical and dangerous looking eyes. Silverr Andel from Sterling Artistry Eyes just published such eyes. I'm rather excited about them because i always wanted to have dragoneyes for my human avatar. The eyes are on sale in May that means a pack of six costs only 185 Linden and one eye only 35 Linden. So here the eyes.

sa DragonEyes 6Pack A (185 Linden)
Left: sa_DragonEyes_MysticCrystal (35 Linden)
Middle: sa_DragonEyes_TealSplendor (35 Linden)
Right: sa_DragonEyes_SageWisdom (35 Linden)
Left: sa_DragonEyes_FieryVision (35 Linden)
Middle: sa_DragonEyes_BlueShards (35 Linden)
Right: sa_DragonEyes_GoldenSight (35 Linden)

sa DragonEyes 6Pack B (185 Linden)
Left: sa_DragonEyes_WistfulLilac (35 Linden)
Right: sa_DragonEyes_OrangeSherbert (35 Linden)
Middle: sa_DragonEyes_LemonLime (35 Linden)
Left: sa_DragonEyes_ButterflyBlue (35 Linden)
Right: sa_DragonEyes_IndigoFrost (35 Linden)
Middle: sa_DragonEyes_FacetedFiesta (35 Linden)

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