Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Arrr do what i want

Pit Pitson breathed a sigh of relief when seeing the ship. His own little boat was smashed into pieces when sailing onto a hidden rock. So he yelled up to the captain hopeing she would be willing to allow him to sail back to land on her ship. She seemed quite friendly and caring and allowed him to climb onto board and looked even like she was having mercy for him.
As soon as he was on board he was surprised. She threatened him with her sabre and forced him under the deck telling him to wear the usual uniform on the ship.
For Pit followed a time where he was forced to serve the captain. He had to massage her feet, swap the deck and to oil her pegleg.
Sometimes he had to carry her around. While she was poking him with her peg leg.
From time to time she even rode on him telling him that she was training for being able to ride on a pony.
But he never complained when she forced him to dance with her while she poked his side with her sabre.

The red outfit is from LnL from the go4goal hunt. The textures are amazing. The sabre, pirate hat and peg leg are from an outfit from violent seduction. The pictures have been made at Athan Selidor, one of the wonderful sims designed by Alia Baroque.

Coat and trousers: LNL BOX O-68 SIXTY EIGHT G4G SPECIAL PRIZE (0 Linden g4g hunt)
Pirate stuff: Violent Seduction - Pirate Lolita (0 Linden - lucky chair)
Tattoo: blogged before

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  1. Cool post! Well done, Dagmar! And I had a laugh too! Well done Paco! ;) Hugs from LnL!