Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cherry blossoms

Having an argument about what to wear. I prefer traditional clothes and marcuz wanted to wear something with calvin or more with spaceman spiff.
So here the cherry blossoms kimono. Its a gift in the lost my marmels hunt from the ancient kimono store.
Its a very pretty kimono. Although the obi is a bit too large for small avis and its not possible to make it much smaller. The katana is from needful PIXEL. Its spellfire scripted and has accuracy: 8, damage: 7, range: 2 and speed: 6. I like it very much that it also comes with a version which could be used as decoration (its seeable on the first picture).
Kimono: The Ancient Tree Kimono Shop : Cherry Blosssom II Kimono (0 Linden Lost my marmels Hunt )
Katana: [needful PIXEL] Uesugi Katana v1.0 (200 Linden)

The gift for men is much more modern. Its blue as seeable on the picture and there are some pictures of spaceman spiff on it. That is also the name of the Outfit.

Outfit: The Ancient Tree Kimono Shop : Spaceman Spiff (0 Linden Lost my marmels Hunt )

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