Thursday, June 17, 2010

Marriage with D-Design

A woman standing lonely, waiting for the most important day in her life. From time to time she nestles at her veil and her choker. But that doesn t help against her raising nervousness.
She looks out of the window but sees nobody walking or driving to her house. She sighs loud. But when hearing the hooters and starts to cry feeling what happend.
The wedding gown from D-Design is simply stunning. The designer managed to create a gown wich is elegant and sexy at the same time. I mean there are a lot of sexy dresses in second life available but a lot of those are everything but elegant.
This is a closer picture of the weddinggown. The textures are very elegant and lovely. I also like it that the veil is formed like an elegant hat.
Its possible to wear the gown on three ways. With a long train, a middle long train and without a train at all.
The long train is really long.
I like the middle long train best.
This is how the middle long dress looks on the backside. Its very pretty with all the bows.
At the wedding party the dress allowes the bride to dance very sexy in the short version of her wedding dress.
As written before the gown comes with three skirt options. There are also fitting shoes available. What really impressed me is that there is also a demo of the dress available. So its possible to test the dress before making a final desicion about the gown for the most important day in life. For couples who like it a bit darker there is also a black version of the gown available. On the pictures i combined the gown with a white pearl choker from d-design.

Wedding gown: D-DESIGN Nuit Sensuelle-London White (2300 Linden)
Choker: D-DESIGN White Pearls Choker (65 Linden)

For the time after the wedding its also possible to wear d-design. This outfit might be great for cleaning the place where the party took place and the walking cane is good to help the last guests out (either by loaning it to them or by poking them with it).

Outfit: D-DESIGN Colors jeans (129 Linden)

To this outfit there are also accessories available. For example this bangle and the nail piercing. The colour is unique and the silver ornaments look quite well with it.
And also earrings.
Jewlery: D-DESIGN Colors jewelry set (189 Linden)

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