Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Free scooter yay

Having a ride on my new scooter. Well its not really new somebody has owned it before me. But it works quite well.
After the ride i was pounting because my dress got dirty from the seat.
The scooter is a gift in a great hunt. The name of it is Rocket - FM 3rd Anniversary treasure hunt. Its a hunt on a japanese sim. Its very much like grand theft auto. You get a hud and have to talk with people. Sometimes they give you a gift. The gifts are all very stylish and cool. The hunt ends at the 13th of June. It starts here. Touch the neko and you get a hud for the hunt and a notecard. Then you have to search people (NPCs). The NPCs are in three different areas but from the hud its seeable in which area they are. Some of the quests are tricky some are rather easy but its fun to do the hunt although i did not understand anything of what the NPCs said as it was in japanse. But as there is a short translation in the hud its possible to do the hunt without being able to speak a word japanese.

The dress is made by a friend from the fantasy faire. I like the bands very much. Its quite a unique idea.

Dress: rynn Verwood: Black and White Lolita dress (100 Linden)
Scooter: 6666 Motors!! 6666_PASSOL_R-FM (Gift in the RFM Hunt)

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