Monday, June 7, 2010

Go 4 Goal preview

The football world champion ship is going to start soon. And so is the hunt to this sport event. So here a first preview for the go4goal hunt.

I got a new gown today. So i decided to wear it and to train to walk gracefully in it. Suddenly a ball landed in front of my feet.
Gown: *Evie's Closet* Jupiter - Lucky Chair Edition (0 Linden - Lucky board)
Pose: 'NSA' : Posey (Set 150 Linden)

A long eared guy in a sweat suit was running behind the ball and yelled "go away. No pregnant women on my football place".
Suit: 22769 G4G Huntgift (Go4Goal Hunt gift 0 Linden)

So i got very angry and got my own sweat suit out. So i could prove that i do not carry a baby under my heart. And also started to train a bit.
When the guy came back again, i was prepared. I pushed him away and won the battle for the football.
Pose: 'NSA' - Go4Goal - Pair (Go4Goal Hunt gift 0 Linden)
Shirt: Meriken - Meriken Co. MYselves Female (around 175 Linden)
Trousers: PEER- Beckham Jeans (Go4Goal Hunt gift 0 Linden)

And i kicked it far ......................
Pose: 'NSA' - Go4Goal 01 (Go4Goal Hunt gift 0 Linden)

The next day i was there again. But the long ear wasn' t. So i trained a bit alone.
Trousers and football with pose: A:S:S - G4G Hunt gift (Go4Goal Hunt gift 0 Linden)

And yay i found somebody to play football with. I sweated so much that i took off my sweater and went on playing in a t-shirt.
Shirts: stylesucks - SOUTH AFRICA (Go4Goal Hunt gift 0 Linden)
Wristband: - WRISTBAND GIRL GERMANY (Go4Goal Hunt gift 0 Linden)

When being tired i changed clothes and traveled to africa to read while riding an ostrich.
Suit: Go4Goal Hunt K!Fashion (Go4Goal Hunt gift 0 Linden)
Ostrich: Country of the kings of fantasy : Go4Goal-Hunt - ostrich - autruche (Go4Goal Hunt gift 0 Linden)

The ostrich is amazing. It comes with 6 poses and the idea of an ostrich for posing is just too amazing. It makes me smile. The football poses from No strings attatched cause the same. The couple pose is just too funny.


  1. nothing less than brillant dagmar... is there a reason why i always turn out to be the bad guy tho? ^^

  2. I thought you had more a caring role this time.