Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Innocent but only on the surface

Standing in the garden and doing the best to look innocent. But thats a bit tricky with those lingerie under the clothing.
This is the outfit from ezura. Its wearable as dress with pants under it but it offers a lot of sensual options. For example there are corsets included which do not cover the breasts. The stockings and gloves from the set repeat the pattern which is shown on the skirt.
With taking of the skirt and the bolero jacket the dress turns into sexy lingerie. The pants come with and without the garters, and there is also the possibility to wear just the garters without the undies.
Outfit: + ezura + Insomnia *Dark Erotic Set (488 Linden)

But thats not the only sexy set which is been sold at + Ezura +. Also available there is for example this black lace outfit. I like very much that the included necklace has the same look as the piece which connects the sides of the top over the breasts and the wristlets. For this picture i wore pasties under the shirt. The dress has very wide sleves which have the same pattern as skirt and top.

When taking of the sleeves and the skirt the dress becomes even more sexy. The undies are as small as possible. It only might be a problem that it maybe makes people nervous so it might become torn when somebody is trying to be so kind to help you to take it off.
Outfit: + ezura + Gothic Lacey Sexy Lolita *Black (338 Linden)

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