Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blue, red or just colours?

Standing at home and discussing if that blue gown suits me. The answer was yes but i was so insecure. So i tried a red gown. And again the answer was yes it looks great. But still i was insecure.
So i ended with a gown in many colours and huge patterns.
All those gowns are new from Lois Allen Design. I like them a lot.
The blue gown comes with fitting gloves. The skirt is easy modifiable so it fits also smaller avis. I like the water like look of it alot. Its just nice how the blue fades into the grey, white at the lower end (i do not really know the word of the part of the skirt i mean the closer it is at the ground the whiter it gets). Also the little details at the top are just lovely. And its the letter of the week gown at Lois Allen Designs so its only 50 Linden at the moment.

Gown: LADS : Lois Xiu, meaning elegant, beautiful (50 Linden)

This red gown is Lois donation item at the fashion fest. It has a top with crossed straps at the back and allows to see a lot of the back. Very lovely are the details at the butt piece which look like an ornament of flowers. After the fashion fest the gown will be sold normaly in Lois store.
Gown: LADS : Red Desire by Lois (200 Linden)

For this gown Lois used very unique patterns and colours. The top has a similar cut like the red gown but additional this gown has two sleves. The pattern on the top is repeated on the skirt.
Gown: LADS : Lois It's Wonderful (50 Linden)

Some time ago i blogged this wonderful peacock gown from Lois. It is still available at the store. And definitly worth to have a look at. On the left side is a picture of one of Lois outfits for men. Its a trouser with fitting shirt and suspenders. It also fits women very well.
Outfit left: LADS Suspended (100 Linden)
Gown right: LADS : Lois Peacock with shoes and Earrings (100 Linden)

For the first picture i used a pose from LAP. The poses on the second and the third picture will soon be released by No Strings Attatched.

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