Monday, July 5, 2010

A true skater never stops

Tamara Bezon liked skateing a lot. A lot more for example than men, horses and chewing gum. But she was not really good in skating. Or well she was above the average but had the tendency to hurt herself badly when she hurt herself. So when others needed just a badge she normaly needed to be sewed. So after being hurt badly she sat at home letting some air on the wound on her chest and her legs. But unfortunatly her skateboard was close.
So it didn`t take long till she started to play around a bit with the skateboard on the floor of her living room. After a while she decided that she felt allready much better and that it would be good to train a bit. She wrapped a bandage around her chest grabbed some hotpants and went out to skate.
So the result was an other meeting with the nice young emergency doctor. He was really angry and told her that he would get her skateboard back when she would be completly healthy again. While thinking about the boards she kept under her bed she turned her head away to avoid that he could read her mind.
But when being home again the leg hurt badly so she searched some distraction from the pain by playing with her rat Ben.
For this blog entry i used mainly the items from a cute store named {Dead Carrot}. The store sells shapes - for example the one i used in the blog - tattoos and wounds. The quality of the items is very good they come all on all layers and look realistic (well i don`t know if that bad leg wound is realistic as i prefer not to see something like that in reality). What i like a lot is that the leg wound even comes on the sock layer so you could wear the upper leg ones and the calf wound. The shape is named Cheeky petite?? moi?! what i like at it is that a real woman actually could look like that. But not only the body is well done the face also is very cute. And to me it looks like that person always has kind of a plan in her mind. Shape: {Dead Carrot} Shapes [ Cheeky petite?? moi?! ] (299 Linden)
Wound on the chest and upper legs: {Dead Carrot} { Who did stitch on me?} (119 Linden)
Wound on the calf: {Dead Carrot} Cicatrix{No More Skirts? shoot me! I} (175 Linden)
Tattoo: {Dead Carrot} Tattoos { My Fugly Tattoo guy} (99 Linden)

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