Monday, July 26, 2010

Kissed D-Design Members

Erata was looking forward for month to the concert. If she would manage to sing well in the evening she would have good chances to get a great role soon. So that afternoon she was very secure during the last test.
And in the evening she was brilliant. She secretly supposed that she also sang so well because of the great gown she was wearing. It just made her feel like a diva. So she sang like one.
This is the 1000 members gown from D-Design. And all the lucky members who have been in the group got it as gift for supporting Dani the owner and designer of d-design. The dress represents everything Dani learned in the eight months she is designing clothes in second life. It is just wonderful.
One half of the gown is made of satin the other half is made of lace. Very nice is that the lace parts are designed in a way that its not needed to wear pasties or a bra under the gown. Even in the train those two materials are mixed.
The golden sun at the hip fits exactly to the colours of the gown and it also connects the front and the back. In the store is also fitting jewlery for the gown available. It uses the same kind of sun.
Gown: D-Design : Thousend Kisses (1000 Linden)

For this blog entry i used poses from No String Attatched.

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