Sunday, August 1, 2010

fertility dance

Im waiting for a long time now that flowers start to grow in the garden.
But somehow they do not grow and i only have some gras in the garden.
So i put on a dress with many flowers on it and started a fertility dance.
And now i hope it will work.
Finally the Whimsy poses from No Strings Attatched are released. They are just lovely in my opinion and i used the preview i had of them very often in blog entries. The poses are dreamy dancing poses and i used them for elegant gowns and cute short dresses.
The dress was a gift from the lucky board at [AWRAM-VIIE] . It looks like being made of many little pink flowers.

Poses: No Strings Attatched : Whimsy (200 Linden with mirrored poses/150 Linden without)
Dress: ][AV][dress circle pink (0 Linden Lucky board)

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