Friday, August 6, 2010

Water dancing

The famous when the famous explorer Archibald Aragnorie died his granddaughter Atoria spend a night searching his diary. Then she spend two weeks with decrypting the code he used for writing it. Finally she managed to read the book and was fascinated when reading about a waterbeing he once saw at a lake. She got so curious that she went to that lake (she had to deal with some dragons and hedgehogs on the way). Atoria waited very long hopeing to see the being. And then one day before she wanted to leave again she was lucky. Something came out of the lake. It was a white haired women with a very light skin. Her dress looked like being made of shells.
And then she started to dance on the water.
And played with the little waves.
But soon the being let herself sink into the water again. Atoria decided to stay for an other week but the water being didn`t appear again.
No Strings Attached is taking part at the rocking friday again with dancing animations. They are very pretty and well made. The Dagmar Elegante pack contains five ballet poses. One of those is even a on the floor one.
For the pictures i used the Reflections Gown from Caverna Obscura. I love how the dress is made. I didn t suppose that it would be possible to get the look of shells into second life but the designer managed to do that.
The skin is the sylph skin from sanu.

Poses: 'NSA' - Dagmar Elegante (Rocking Friday 50 Linden)
Gown: Caverna Obscura : Reflections Gown 2.0 (395 Linden)
Skin: Sanu Sylph Skin (250 Linden)

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