Saturday, August 7, 2010

Winning at the KDC Mall

Looking a bit confused after a massive hair makeover i got in the KDC Mall. I do not speak any japanese but i suppose its a new opened japanese shopping mall. They got many lucky boards there and while i was stalking the lika ruby lucky board there i won some more thingies. I do not have landmarks to the single stores in the mall so i ll use the one at the lika ruby board. It was a bit tricky for me to manage to join the mall group (all the lucky boards in the store are set on that group) but you could join from my profile or you go to the entrance in the groundfloor there is also a groupinvation board. Hair: Euclid_Eu Hair (Red) lucky board ver. (0 Linden Lucky board)

The blue top has many frills. I have to admit the combination with the trousers i choosed isn t the best but im sure it would look lovely to some capri trousers. The dress comes with fitting socks and has some lace over the shirt.
Top: izm sweet sweet tops@KDC lucky board BOX (0 Linden Lucky board)
Dress: GARCONS TOKYO*Dress Biela [Purple] (0 Linden Lucky board)

The trousers i used for the blue top fit much better to the black sweater. The trousers are either wearable in a normal way or you could wrap them up. They have been on the lucky board at VIS. The black sweater is a gift from the same store. Pants and sweater come with resizeable primparts.
Top: =VIS=GGParker Black (0 Linden Lucky board)
Trousers: =VIS=Sportswear pants BrownxYellow (0 Linden Lucky board)

And here what i have been stalking for. A yellow top from Lika Ruby. It has a prim ribbon on the neck and looks like it would have also prim frills. But they are system ones. The blue jeans are from the lucky board next to the lika ruby one.
Top: +Lika Ruby+cami morocco(LC-yellow) (0 Linden Lucky board)
Jeans: !129129**039_JEANS_BLUE (0 Linden Lucky board)

And well i also have to admit i didn t manage to make the jeans fit perfectly but i could explain that. Today a dinosaur came into my photostudio and told me that he is a member of the style police and kept staring at me all the time. So i got quite nervous and while watching the dinosaur with one eye i wasn t able to make the flares of the jeans smaller.
Dinosaur: Neon Frog Studios : Triceratops (0 Linden was on the midnight mania board)

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