Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nina Consults the Giant


L&H Design is holding a(n unofficial) freebie-fest right now, allowing customers to grab almost a building's worth of outfits for 0L.

If you can get in (keep trying until you do!), I highly suggest paying them a visit. You can find entire outfits with each purchase, even cute accessories to boot.


I found this lovely gem, the Diamond Boa Dress, and decided to pay my friend Abeus a visit in Insilico while wearing it.

We hung around in the network area of the sim while discussing his fabulous avatar. Yes, the stream of light above me is him. He made it himself.

Dress: Diamond Boa Dress from L&H Design, 0L
Shoes: Kaesha Ankle Boots from Gasqhe, 0L
Poses: Doll Claire Poses - SOL Hunt Gift


  1. He really has a great avi and this is a great post. Thank you for blogging here.