Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hair romance

Ania found a blond visitor at her island. It was a blond girl. Having a braid around her head. She seemed to watch the sea.
Ania wasn`t sad when the girl started to walk away.
I won the blond hair on the grou lucky board at heart softens. Then i went to visit Ania to show them to her. She recomented to change my outfit and then made the pictures. The hair has an intresting cut. There is a braid wraped around the head. And a little tail on the head. Im not sure if its possible to have such a hairstyle in reallife but with some little helpers it might be possibe.
The dress is a romantic black white dress from L.C. Fashion . It has wide sleeves and the skirt looks a bit transparent and floats. I like it very much.

Hair: .+*HS*+. Group LB Hair ::CUST:: Mesh (0 Linden lucky board)
Dress: *LC* cocktail Gown Lyesas -white (190 Linden)

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