Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stepping time

Sitting at home and trying to learn a song by heart. But that was really boring so i grabbed my hat and cane.
And jumped onto the desk.
And started to step.
But then i looked down at the desk and saw many little holes.
So i decided to go out and explore a bit. So i put on the uniform i stole lately took my phaser and walked into the mountains. I decided to tell my mate that a cat with peglegs caused the holes in the table. And also that i fought her and made her go away.

No Strings attached takes part in two hunts this month in the zombie popcorn hunt and in the Hollywood Walk of Fame Hunt. The Fred Astaire poses on the upper pictures are all from the Hollywood Walk of Fame hunt. They are well made as all the poses from No Strings attached and i had a lot of fun to play with them. The James Tiberius Kirk outfit is from 22769 and also from the HWOF Hunt. The outfit on the first pictures is from the jaunty sale from the same store. The shoes and socks are from Tyranny Designs. Its the second anniversary of Tyranny so they have a lot of free items hidden in their store.

Poses: 'NSA' - Fred Astaire (HWOF prize)
Outfit for the dance: 22769 jaunty sale outfit 2 (49 Linden)
Shoes and socks: .::TD:: As the crow (full outfit) (0 Linden at the moment)
Startrek uniform: 22769 HWOF-hunt - William Shatner

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