Sunday, September 19, 2010

Seppi and i

Wandering around with Seppi. I always need to hold his hoof because else he only does mischief. He is still grinning because having managed to nibble at the hair of a storeowner. Before he quickly ate a pair of flats he saw standing in front of a house. But now i hope i could manage to keep him close and from eating things he shouldn t eat. Seppi comes from the A.M.K.R. lucky board. Its a nice but very naughty sheep so you have to take care that it walks at your hand all the time.
Seppi: A.M.K.R. : Osanpo Machiko DX (Lucky letter)

The black sheep outfit comes from the HAL-Kaze lucky board. At that store is also a white sheep outfit for 30 Lindens available. Both outfits are made for child avis. They both look like a sheep which is wearing headphones. The blond hair is from the trico lucky board. Its resizeable with a menu.
Left: HAL-Kaze : black Sheep v2.1_Dogtothviolet (0 Linden Lucky board)
Right: HAL-Kaze : headphone_Sheep (30 Linden)
Blonde Hair: :::{{trico}}:::MARYLIN (auburn) LB BOXED (0 Linden Lucky board)

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