Saturday, September 25, 2010


Edita was a magician extraordinaire. That meant either she was brilliant or her experiments went wrong. So one day she wanted to tint all her clothes teal. But at the end not only her clothes became teal it also happend to her hair. So she had to wait till dusk the time her familiar awakes. Nobody ever was able to find out why she choosed such an uncommon familiar. It was a swarm of fireflys.So with the help of her familiar she was able to get the normal colour of her hair back. But the whole process was rather exhausting for her so she fell asleep in the meadow and had to stretch herself in the morning.
Deviance has a minihunt going on in the store at the moment. You have to search for three witch hats. All contain a part of the teal Elementalist outfit. The staff is also part of the outfit. The whole outfit is made of prims. So its sometimes kind unveiling but there is always the possibility to wear pasties under it to hide the bits. For the pictures i used the prim feet from chained. They come with pretty jewlery. The skintone, the colour of the nails and the colour of the stones are changeable with a colour hud.
Feet: Chained : Indira silver (499 Linden)

Wasabi pills has two new puzzle boards. On both you could win ocean coloured hair. Both come with a resize script.
Left: /Wasabi Pills/ Emmaline Hair - Deep Ocean (0 Linden just lots of puzzling)
Right: /Wasabi Pills/ Kyler Hair - Deep Ocean (0 Linden just lots of puzzling)

Outfit on the first pictures: Deviance : Elementalist Teal (0 Linden hunt gift)

P.S.: im sorry that i didn t write anything the last days but i moved because im going to start my masterstudies in an other town.

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