Monday, September 20, 2010


22769 are having a great event going on, the "Tag der Deutschen Einheit (German reuinification day")-event, which runs from today, September 20th, until October 3rd. It's the German bank holiday that celebrates the day when the seperation of West- and Eastern-Germany was finally reversed on 3 October 1990.

The guys from 22769 have rebuild several historical landmarks, such as the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charly, and of course, you can also find a wall with several freebies and cheapies in their mainstore. Unfortunately, my computer is acting up a bit right now, so I didn't really manage to take further pics of the event, but I'll return later to give you a more detailed look and info what it's all about.

For now, here's the cool freebie-tees you can grab at the wallpaper that can be found righthandside IN the shop after you walked through the wall - the 'Ossi' and 'Wessi'-shirts.


Tees: 22769 - 'Ossi' & 'Wessi'-tee (freebie)

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