Tuesday, October 12, 2010

[lotn - monochromes, red, meadows]

[lotn - monochromes, red, meadows]

After a couple of golden October-days, this morning's horizon is just a mixture of different shades of grey. I guess that not only influenced my mood, but also my taste in clothing... fortunately, monochromes aren't unbecoming at all, even less when being paired with a dot of colour.

The 'dot' in this case is 22769's Red Wine Leather Jacket, part of an entire outfit Dagmar has blogged here. It consists of an additional shirt, scarf and capri-jeans. I really like the rich shade of red and the texture's suede look. As usual when it comes to 22769, the jacket is carefully crafted, well-textured and easy to resize and adjust when it comes to the sculpted parts.

The striped sweater is a nice basic I grabbed at Fishy Strawberry and has a sculpted bottom and sleeves you can't see in the picture. Free are the low-cut, salt & pepper textured pants, you can find them at Prodigal with a bunch of other male freebies in a bag sitting on top of their counter. Definately not free, but a little piece of art are the Docs from Gos, the most real looking Doc Martens I found so far. You can change their shape between 'pristine', 'abused' and 'loose' and modify almost every part of the shoe via menu.

Hair: booN - OCI185 hair (group gift in store)
Eyes: Skinthesis - Fathoms - Gravel

Jacket: 22769 - VLFW Wine Leather Jacket
Shirt: *Fishy Strawberry* - Charcoal Stripey McGee Sweater
Pants: * Prodigal * - Silk Pants Charcoal (free in store)
Shoes: Gos - [Docs] 8 Hole

Jewels: :Fusion: - Eternal Necklace

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