Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mask anger

Spending some time in the bathtube relaxing with a great facemask. And smiling because of the taste of the oranges. The relaxing was so great that testing the green face mask after the bath. But without reading the manual i didn t know that you should never use the green face mask after the white one. So i was really annoyed when finding out that it won t be possible to remove the facemask for a whole week. When reading that i got very very angry. And my laptop suffered.

The facemasks are tattoolayer items from A:S:S they are fun and great for pictures. For example bathing with a facemask or you combine it with the dressing table from No Strings Attached (blogged here) or, or, or.
The A:S:S spa collection contains three facemasks and for the guys and very hairy females also shaving foam and after shave. Also included are fruites and vegetables for the eyes. I liked the oranges best although im not sure if i wouldn t prefer the cucumber slices in real life.
The black silkcoat is also from A:S:S its one of my favourite pieces from that store, its elegant and the pattern on it is rather pretty.

Facemasks: A:S:S - Spa collection - Full set (60 Linden one facemask 20 Linden)
Silkcoat: A:S:S - Oscar - black (95 Linden)

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