Sunday, October 10, 2010

They call me sand

Wandering in a warm dress through a forest in autumn. Enjoying to see all the colourful leaves.

22769 take part in the london fashion week. And for that released two new outfits. One is for women and as the store was a store for male fashion at the beginning, they also released an outfit for guys.

The knitdress in sand, which could be worn in three ways is the outfit for women. Its either wearable as short dress. Or as a mini dress.
In the outfit is also a jeans included so you could wear it as sweater with jeans. That might be better if the temperature is a bit lower than at the moment.
Outfit: 22769 VLFW knitdress sand (210 Linden)

The outfit for men is a red coat with a skarf, fitting caprijeans and a short shirt. Its for guys so i needed some time to make it fit. I choosed to wear the outfit with high boots so its not possible to see that the jeans are capri ones.
Its also possible to wear the t-shirt without the jacket. The t-shirt is torn and the letters on it say high school drop out. So it looks like you really dropped out the high school.
Outfit: 22769 VLFW Wine Leather Jacket (260 Linden)

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