Monday, October 4, 2010

The queen

The elven queen in her youth stealing a card from a gambling house and running quickly away. :.Envious.: takes part in the Halloween Scare Fair 2010. That store has a lot of cute costumes in the faire. I liked the little queen outfit and the Dark Queen outfit best. Both outfits comes with a necklace and some spiky bracelts. The lil Queen outfit even comes with elf ears. Those ears have a nice working hud to tint them. So if you are in need for some elfears and for a new outfit those are definitly worth a look. The outfit could either be worn with pasties under it or if you are at an adult sim it might be an idea to take the pasties off. The skirt has some punky stuff on it. The card in the mouth also belongs to the outfit.
The dark queen outfit is a bit more elegant. The sleves are puffy and at the bottom of the open skirt is some lace. I like the cut of the top very much. The black boots also belong to the outfit.
Left: :.Envious.: Lil Queen (99 Linden)
Right: :.Envious.: Dark Queen (99 Linden)

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