Thursday, October 7, 2010

Broom fight

Edith was a strange witch. Even for a witch. She used her broomstick not only to fly around. She used it to clean the floor. After being used for 500 years by a witch a broomstick normaly gets a personality. So this one got really angry. Everytime she wanted to use it she had a hard fight first.
But she learned a lot of tricks.
So at the end she was normally the winner and the broomstick behaved.
Her Aunt was always curious on hearing new broom stories. So Edith visited her quite often.
The broomstick is a subscriber gift at Oomph! Poses. Its still possible to get it just subscribe and check the history. The poses are really funny and somehow they also remind me on the witches in the golden compass.
The black dress is a dollarbie from the phoenix rising sale.

Broom: Oomph! Poses : The Witches Broom October Gift! (0 Linden)
Dress: -Phoenix Rising- edo's Onjoh-Quilt- White (1 Linden)

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