Monday, November 8, 2010

Lost Frog

When recognizing that she lost her favourite frog sticker she started searching at all the places she had visited during the day. Unfortunatly it was late.and it also had started to rain. The fields became muddy and one of her shoes got stuck in the dirt. When trying to get the shoe back she saw her favourite froggy sticker. It was on her bag where she had put it.
So she went home and nuzzled on cushions near the fire. Until she felt fine again.
For the love of fall has started and there are cute gifts in the hunt. The frog items from VIRTUAL/INSANITY just make me smile (the anklewarmers are also contained in the gift from that store). The umbrella has so huge lips and the lashes. Amperlope also put lashes as gift in the hunt, but those are for humans not for frogs (well maybe they also fit frogs but i do not know that for sure). They got golden leaves at the side.The blue dress is from Penned. It keeps the arms warm and is textured well. The chair with the cushions is also a gift in for the love of fall. It comes with many many poses. You could either sit on the chair or on the cushions.
Frogumbrella, bag, shoes: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] FOR THE LOVE OF FALL Hunt Giftie ^_^ (0 Linden for the love of fall hunt)
Blue dress: [Penned] Turtleneck Dress (0 Linden for the love of fall hunt)
Lashes: (amperlope) gold leaf : black lashes (0 Linden for the love of fall hunt)
Chair: FTLO Fall - ::COOL BEANS:: Southern Comfort Chair (0 Linden for the love of fall hunt)

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