Thursday, November 11, 2010


An old picture of a woman in a kimono walking home from a shrine. It is not seeable why she is waving with her arm. Did she want to show off her sleeves? Or was there a nasty insect pestering her? There is no note on the backside of the picture. LnL is a great store for outfits as all their items look like the designer uses clothing as canvas. That implys that the textures of the LnL outfits are amazing. Now they have started an asian line and they take part in the silkroad hunt. The kimono is their huntgift. It has great textures and is finally a kimono with a different cut than ones from other stores. The pack contains the kimono for women and for men.
Kimono: LNL BOX KIMONO K-14-- TSRH C GIFT (0 Linden Silkroad Hunt gift)

For the pictures i used a skin from the BIRTH minimania. It comes with a very intresting makeup in my opinion but its not a very pale skin so a japanese princess would have stayed in her rooms for weeks to become pale again if she had a skintone like the skin has. But its a great skin. Its amazing how well deepred lipstick and pink makeup around the eyes could look together.
Skin: *BIRTH* honeytone_impulsive couture Mania Prize (boxed)

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  1. Lovely post and great pictures - as always. I am missing the "japanese ghost story part" tho ;-)