Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wings in the Rain

A fairy wandering through the rain taking care that her wings don't get to wet - else she wouldn t be able to fly anymore - but for being save she wears her spare wings as skirt. On the head she has a lazy butterfly which does not want to fly while its raining so uses the fairy as cheap and fast transport.She is on the way to her friend who lives in a giant birdcage. But as its raining she wears a hat. The friend is a unicorn but a very special one. The horn consists of sugar. So when its raining she has to cover it to avoid that it melts.
Ezura released the very cute wing gown. I like the mix of the blue wings and the white skirt, this causes that the dress looks sometimes like a flower. The black dress is the thanksgiving gift for members of the vip group. It comes with the hat. The stockings are at the moment on the ezura lucky board. They also come in many colours.

Blue Dress: + ezura + Fairy Pixie *Teal + Chocolate Set (388 Linden or 194Linden for Ezura VIPs
Black Dress: + ezura + Thanksgiving VIP Gift (1 Linden)
Stockings: + ezura + Thigh-high Lace Sheer *Pack 01 (0 Linden Lucky board)

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