Sunday, November 14, 2010


Emily Merrowind was a pirate by birth and a captain by adoption. She loved to sail, to fight and to drink. Normaly she spend her time on deck with watching the sea and playing with the anchor at her belt. The anchor was her lucky charm as it was the anchor of the fist ship she boarded alone. She did that in the age of 8. But well that might be only a cock and bull story. Emily knew nearly every secret of the sea but she didn t know why she was tattooed all over. She only remembered the pain from beeing tattooed but her second father never spoke about her real parents so she also didn t ask. But then they sailed to that area where she had never been before and somehow she recognized that the knots in her tattoos as islands around her. Emily went to her cabin and spend some time on examing every inch of her skin. She realized that her skin had been turned into a treasure map.
Later in the evening when her crew was sleeping she jumped through the bull's-eye into the water and swam to the island, she supposed the treasure had been hidden on it. She only took her knive, some clothes she had found on a ship she boarded and a lamp with herself (she put those things on a little raft). At the shore she exchanged her clothes and was embarrassed. She had forgotten to spend time on having a look as the clothes and so she had choosen a very pretty golden dress with butterfly wings for her adventure. Hoping that nobody would identify her with open hair she made her way into a tunnel.
Luckily she had her magical eyebrows. The tunnel was very dark and the light of the latern didn't help much. But the eyebrows helped a lot. Wearing them she was able to see much in the darkness.
After a while she heared the sound of water. But not the sound of brine. It was the sound of fresh water. And in the water she found the treasure. Big blue jewels hidden perfectly under the water surface. Emily picked one of them and made her way back to her boat. At the next day she went back with her crew and they all became very very rich. Emily used her asset to buy a nice title. She became Duchess Stellamaris and spend her time on causing scandals, drinking and becoming the most famous rose-cultivator in the whole known world.
Its the magic of oz Anniversary and because of that a hunt is taking place. Three of the Oubliette girls are taking part in this hunt. Elizabeth from Frippery made the great eyebrows with the cute pumpkins, the golden dress with the wings is the gift from Evie's Closet and Milli, the creative mind behind No Strings Attached made the Latern which could be used with a pose or with the ao. The belt with the anchor is the latest item from [COGOO] it is resizeable so it fits smaller avatars as well as wild and strong pirate captains with a huge belly. The celtic tattoo is the gift from Fallen God Inc. in the Celtic Magic Hunt. The only negative thing you could say about it is that it doesn t look great if you wear all the included layers at once ;-).
Dress: Evie's Closet - Magic Of Oz Anniversary Gift 2010 (Magic Of Oz Anniversary Hunt 0 Linden)
Eyebrows: ET~The Great Pumpkin Eye Mask (Magic Of Oz Anniversary Hunt 0 Linden)
Latern: 'NSA' - Lantern (Ozimals Hunt) (Magic Of Oz Anniversary Hunt 0 Linden)
Tattoo: "A skin story" +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Celtic Magic Hunt (0 Linden Hunt gift)
Belt: [[[COGOO]]] Anchor belt (130 Linden)

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