Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Couturier's Loft for women

As Storm wrote the Couturier's Loft is a store where german designers sell special items to a special price. Although i heared that also stores from austria could take part if they got some great items and like to take part.
One of my favourite german stores, Ibizzare, sells a dress at the Couturier's Loft which is normaly sold for 220 Linden for 80 Linden. Its a purple dress with a cut which normly lets every body look pregnant. Well this dress does not. The shoes are from Magnifico and got very high heels. The crazy hair is resizeable and has many little things on it. Its kind of funny that Womens Dreamy Body shop sell a skin at the Loft which goes so well with the hair. The skin has smokey eyes. The Jewlery comes from the Virus Collection. Its a set with many parts and a hud so that you could either wear it with bling or without and you even could decide which items should have bling and which not. The sweater is resizeable and has a nice texture. Its great that the primpart of it is made so well that its nearly invisible where it starts. The jeans have been blogged by Storm allready. They belong to the set from 22769.

Trousers: 22769 - Destroyed Denim Outfit (100 Linden)
Top: [Cynful] - The Ari Sweater - The Couturiers Loft Special (70 Linden)
Hair: The Celtic Cruix : Crazy Hair (99 Linden)
Skin: WDB Special Skin "Sadie" Smokey -for TCL- (100 Linden)
Jewlery: Virus Collection Jewelry Set - 13 - Special Edition - Onyx (98 Linden)
Shoes: Magnifico : [ m ] Plateau Heel (Black) (100 Linden)
Dress: Ibizarre Rhinestone Dress (violet) (80 Linden)

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