Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hard to choose

No Strings Attached takes part in the taste of SL again. This weekend the theme was favourite Things. So instead of putting her favourite out for sale, NSA sells a 200 Linden giftcard for only 100 Linden. So it was really hard to decide what to buy. But i always wanted to have this cute couple pose. So i used my chance and bought it. Its called "and so they lived" and perfect for reading stories.
Pose: 'NSA' - And They Lived... (220 Linden)

NSA also take part in the zombie popcorn hunt. The prize is a cute x-mas photoset. Its a frame which is worn on the hud so if you take screenshots on with having the hud option checked (so that you also take a picture of the stuff on the hud) you get a cute x-mas frame on the picture. Included are also a gift and a berret. By the way the outfit Paco wears on the pictures will be sold by 22769 in the Couturiers Loft.
Pose, Frame, Gift and Berret: 'NSA' - ZombiePopcorn Hunt 03 Prize (0 Linden)

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