Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sign of 'The Times'

Feeling a little bloated after all the over indulgences recently comfortable clothes are the just what I need to cover my....ummm winter skin. Yes just as animals fur gets thicker for the winter so does my skin! so I was thrilled to find this  sweater in the Snowbunny hunt ( hope i'm not too late posting this as the hunt is only for a week ) and having a bit of a scarf fetish I've been waiting for an opportunity to wear the cute necktie style scarf from C'est la vie. Grab your bargains quick!

Leggings: Free gift ( newspaper pants )  > IMANI
Shoes: Free ( dirty denim) > In her shoes
Sweater: L$5 hunt item snowbunny girl sweater > AJA
Scarf: Free group gift > C'est la vie
Hair: Free 1st anniversary group gift ( haruka- peridot) > D!va

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