Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[sl inked]

Luna has blessed us with the colour 'sienna' in the 10th week of her blogger-challenge, and once again I asked myself what it is that turns my inventory into 30k if I don't even own a piece of clothing in each colour. There is a lot of browns in there... the most different shades, but since I don't know what colours might still come up, I usually try to stay as close to the pictured one.
[sl inked]
And this time, I thought I wanted to focus on a hair from Discord Designs, a store that offers a lot of nice prim beard styles and pretty cool braided hairdesigns with matching hairbases. But just showing a plain and simple profile shot didn't really feel like a challenge, so I went along with the idea that popped up in my head at night: the cover of a fictional SL-tattoo magazine. I hope you enjoy!

Skin: .:Hermony:. - Kriz ST1 - Chinstrap
Eyes: MADesigns - EYES_LIGHT
Hair: -dDx- - EFB01 (previous groupgift)
Tongue: -RC- - Split Tongue Twisted (only on the Marketplace)

Tattoo: TATS - Full BodyTattoo Tribal Tats
Necklace: KOSH - Lotus Necklace
Brow-Piercing: .: JZ Design :. - Improvised Eyebrow Piercing (store not found anymore, creator Buddy Charleville)
Nose-Piercing: [DE] - Septum Ring
Nipple-Piercing: - .HoD. - Lust Nipple Rings v.2


  1. Cool Pic, I love the tongue I think I will possibly have to find one for myself!!!

  2. Thank you two! <3 Yes, the tongue is really fun and comes in various positions and with different jewelry (or without). A really nice thing to have for pics!

  3. LOVE THIS!!!!!

    The split tongue ... its the first I've seen! Great photo! <3

  4. Aww lol
    I'm Buddy Charleville .:JZ Design:. Just made my day finding a piece (albeit a small piece :P) in a blog haha

    Thankyou :)