Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The word on the street is.....

The word on the street is I'm still on the hunt for culottes but of course I get side tracked along the way with so many fabulous items, and none more so than this pretty harlequin print dress with contrasting colour cuffs and colur ( I have plans to use this collar with another outfit ). The belt does not come with the dress , it was part of the an outfit from G&N which has a weekly freebie outfit at the back of the store. It's worth a look and sometimes accessories are included such as shoes and belts etc.

Hair: Free group gift ( with colour change hat) Amacci
Tights: Free group gift  Latte
Dress: Free group lucky board  !1mm
Boots: Free lucky board: Yogi's shoes
Belt: Part of a free old gift outfit (no longer available but worth checking out LM for weekly freebie) G&N

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