Saturday, May 7, 2011

Watching the waves

At Sea

Todays picture is inspired by my recent trip to the coast, what is it that is so mesmerizing about the sea?  Ohh get a load of these boots! I previously blogged a brown pair but these floral ones are my favs. oh you know how I have a penchant for scarves, well how amazing that I am able to find a free one that matches my boots! The shorts, jacket & tights are a super bargain at only 30L! the leather bracelets I love too they're such a great unisex item that goes with many things...oooooh and how I love Legit for some amazing accessories, you definitely must visit this store. The hair is a gift from the 'where is the...' hunt & comes with the cutest little dress ( not worn).

Hair & Hat: 0L - where is the hunt gift > Silenced
Jacket, shorts & tights: 30L Paris set > Censored
Scarf: 0L rose - 1 of a 5 pack > Peephole
Vest: 0L pink set > Jane
Boots: 300L Prarie boots - rose/red .> Pixeldolls
Bracelets:100L for a pair - black leather bracelets > Legit

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