Thursday, May 5, 2011

Peacock lady

Peacock 2

 After that beautiful silver bedroom suite that I blogged I fancied a great big splash of colour, and what better than this delicious bedroom suite. The bed is only shown here but the set has a wonderful canopy over the bed, chairs, shelves, table, lamp & rug. Of course when I needed a texture for the walls I thought of none other than [K.O] and I wasn't disappointed! Just when I was thinking of a colourful outfit, I get a message from dear Storm who knows I love a bargain, reminded me of the fabulous creations of Yips so I tp'd over immediately and picked up this amazing peacock outfit. Well then only one thing left to do, pick a skin to match , so this new skin (pale version) from Jesylilo just fit the bill! I love these juicy looking lips!

Peacock 1

Hair: 0L group luckyboard > Heart softens
Skin: 500L - yummy - pale skin > Jesylilo
outfit: 0L Yips Peacock outfit > Yips
eyelashes: 0L group gift > Les Petits Details
Feet: 99L Delicious trotters > Skifija
Bedroom suite: 1799L usually 4999L Especial > Mun Spain
Wall texture: 75L Toille de Jouy  > market place [K.O] store >  [K.O]


  1. Awesome post! Thanks for the freebie tips!
    But where did you find that outfit again? I can't seem to find Yips, from the SLURL or in search.

  2. Thanks Lore , i've updated the landmark it is accurate :)

  3. Yay! Thanks a bunch. (: I'd have never have found that room, lol.