Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ready for a day at the beach?


As the post title asks, are you ready for a day at the beach? oh yes I am! got my drinks, snacks and book, what more can I ask for? don't say sun because it never rains at the beach in SL yahoooo! well haven't I gone and got some great stuff for you again! so what if the shirt from 22769 is at the locker room a place for great deals on mens clothing  - do It bother me? not a bit as it fits me like a glove thank you very much! ( available for 2 weeks so scoot quick!) , the outfit comes with some great cargo pants too not worn here. After chatting with friends I decided to take a nostalgic trip to one of my old fav places as a noob 'the free dove' and was thrilled to find a whole outfit from Pig wow!  so enough chatter lets get to the credits..

Hair & Hat: 50L miss -  hazelnut > Posh
Top: 100L (part of a set, shorts not worn) 22769 @> The locker room
Cardigan, shorts& socks: 0L  (top included but not worn here) Pig @ >The free dove
Scarf: 0L the easter egg hunt gift  > Zeerys
Bag: 0L The stash bash hunt  (gift includes a whole outfit) > The Sea hole
Boots: 300L  Prarie boots - brown with rose straps > Pixie dolls

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