Sunday, July 3, 2011

In Which Sian Goes Mad With Facepaint (and Tattoos)

Sian's big quest recently has been for a decent head tattoo. As you know, she really likes being bald (recap: saves on hair care products, presents a cleaner head to the world, tickly when it's windy, makes her move faster on a laptop etc) and has been seeking decent head decorations. Sian had a go at doing her own recently but honestly wanted something a little less... monochrome. Enter the fabulous Lillian Shippe, owner of Miss Shippe's Studio (Marketplace/two inworld shops) and purveyor of quirky, fun and interesting makeup and tattoos, who has been known to make stuff by request and in honour of her friends.

Sian dropped Lillian a message, and less than a week later, Lillian came back with a creation she's called "Potatoes Grow Out of Your Ears, Love" (it's in the top two pictures below) and which she's most likely going to have in her shop very soon.

In the pics below, Sian is also wearing an Abyss choker, PXL's Gaia Dark skin and (mostly) A:S:S Vision Darkness in Your Eyes cinnamon eyes. You can also see boots by Abyss and a bikini by Paradisis.

Top row: Potatoes Grow Out of Your Ears, Love head tattoo (not yet available)
Bottom Left: Gotcha Gold Chompers gold tooth L$5
Bottom Right: Giving Butterfly Eye face paint L$50

What Sian particularly loves about the makeup Lillian makes is the way that everything has her unique mark on it. It honestly looks like someone really has smeared the paint on your avatar with her fingers.


Top left: Undereye Sequins Aqua L$30
Top right: Acha's Fox Face (two colours in pack) L$50
Bottom left: Mako's Girl Shark face (four versions in pack) L$50
Bottom right: Oh-My-Stars-O-Rama Gold Feather Lashes (several variations in pack) L$50


Top left: Hush fingerpaint red L$10
Top right: Sometimes You Shine (two versions in pack, includes prim lashes) L$50
Bottom left: Black Glitter fingerpaint L$10
Bottom right: Panda Lips L$50 (also available in crab, hippo, and zebra)

Lillian's sense of humour shines through in everything she does. Want a cute hippo on your mouth? Want to look filthy, like you've spent the day digging? She's got the layer for you.


Above: Cyborgian Inserts and Eyes in blue and white L$100 each (also available in red)

Anyone can make something that looks clean and artificial in a virtual medium (and Lillian can, as you can see above).

But it takes a real talent to make it look handmade.


Top left: Fingerpaint Dotty Brows White L$50
Top right: Ta Moko Mana Maori face tattoo L$50
Middle left: Spring Showers Blue Bells (four variations in pack) L$50
Middle right: Spring Showers Fiddleheads (four variations in pack) L$50
Bottom left: Spring Showers Deep Pansy (four variations in pack) L$50
Bottom right:
Spring Showers Violets (four variations in pack) L$50

Sian loves Lillian's restless creativity and playful humour. Her artisan quality gives her shop the feel of one of those small, unique little places you find sometimes that you fall in love with and go back to again and again.

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