Sunday, July 3, 2011

Twinkle night bargains

I've barely been in SL this week after a manic home life - still got the builders in causing havoc, I think I have noticed a few items of underwear missing too! and I won't have much left at this rate & i've been looking after 2 teeny tiny apple head babies which has perked me up no end.

Anyway when I have been in SL I have been paid a fair few compliments on this ensemble so it was imperative that I blog it. I've picked up some amazing bargains at the twinkle night bazaar ok yeah I did just about buy everything there! but everyone loves the hair! and 75L for 3 different styles surely that can't be right can it? oh yes it is go grab em quick sez I

Oh Oh and talking of bargains , well Bare sensual is quick becoming my favourite bargain skin store, I've blogged 2 from there now and have lots more to share too, there's also a really nice drow skin out at the moment which is quite a pale grey with lovely pink make up it's much more interesting than most drow skins i've seen.

Hair & Hat: 75L - TNB2011 by KMH @ > Twinkle night bazaar
Skin: 10L - sahara skin > Bare sensual
Eyes: 200L - old moss > Poetic colours
Eyeliner& lashes: 75L > V.E.L
Scarf: sorry since I got this last week the store has changed & scarf has been removed grrr
Dress: 300L - white Dolce dress > Vero Modero
Shoes: 30L - bubble flats by Pink Ribbon @> Twinkle night bazaar
socks: 1L - lace socks by Pink Ribbon @> Twinkle night bazaar
Bag: 0L - luckyboard item > Pesca

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