Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Silver eyes

The Kajummer School of fine arts was the best school for artists in the whole country. The best painters went there to learn to draw realistic paintings and carvers made amazing sculptures out of trees which were older than their grandparents. And there were the courses for smiths. Those courses had made the Kajummer School famous. The first royal goldsmith had been the founder of the school and all royal goldsmiths after him had attended the school. Many of them failed.
Kimono Ghost
Luna had been one of those. Her father had been the royal goldsmith and she had the best chances to become the royal silversmith. Her ideas were outstanding and her talent made her teachers speechless. But she wanted to become better and better and stopped to believe into her own skills. Hoping to make one of her teachers help her learn the hidden techniques of metalparley, she began an affair with one. He should have known that Luna had extremly strong relations with metals than that she would have been able to keep her mind closed from the materials. She had supposed that she would be able to form gold and silver much easier when being able to communicate with it. Instead of that, the metal started to form her mind. She was constantly under its influence. Even while she slept the metal in her bed whispered thoughts into her mind. If her other teachers had known what was going on they would have put her into one of the special treehouses which had been built for the pupils who got too massively under the influence of the metals. Luna supposed that she would be able to handle the problems herself, and she was wrong.
a:s:s eyes
Her works became stranger and somehow she started to hurt herself. She crossed the line. Even taking her away from metal would not have helped against her madness. Now even the iron in her blood was whispering to her. Luna started to create her works in the cellar of the school. She stopped to eat and her skin became lighter. The other pupils started to avoid the cellars as she used to walk around there night and day. At the day, which should have been the last day of her time in school she returned for an hour into the room of her class. She used the time to create something which looked like earrings. Little pearls added to each other with thin pieces of silver. Luna was faster than any other silversmith. Her teachers hoped that she had managed to deal with the voices in her head, but then she put the earrings in her eyes instead of her ears. Walking like she would be able to see, she went back to the cellar, where she stayed. With time, people saw her less often and after some years, they supposed that she had died. Now and then somebody heard the sounds of small pearls and silver.
The ghost woman
The Artificial tears are the latest A:S:S deLuxe release. They are a small chain of pearls which is attached at the eye with a small silvery plate. Beside the eyepiercing there are artificial eyebrows made of gems included in the set. They are available in a version for females and one for males. It is very comfy that the items have a resizescript. This makes it very comfy to adjust them. The white kimono comes from Bubblez Design. The sleeves are sheer and the skirt seems to glow lightly which gives the outfit an a bit ghost like look. The obi is closed with red bands. All primparts come with resizescripts.

Eyes: A:S:S deLuxe - Artificial tears (169 L$)
Kimono: BB - Shizuka Kimono (275 L$)

The pictures have been taken in Rampart . The college there has a ghost problem.

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