Monday, October 24, 2011

Blood and Machine Oil

The statue cried again. Esra was more than satisfied with her work. Some priests had asked her to help them with a statue which had been crying blood for several month and then suddenly stopped. They had tested the machine they had installed in the statue to cause the crying but what ever they did nothing helped. It was like the statue was not willing to participate any longer in a rip-off. So the priests called Esra who was specialized on making machines work again. She was one of the best vampire magicians and machines were her special intrest. Esra loved to figure out how machines worked and she liked drinking machine oil way better than drinking blood. But crying statues in churches were easy. Esra spend some hours on telling the statue some horrible and sad stories and it started to cry again.
EsraLinkFor taking some pictures for the 22769 Sanguine Noir Adventure I put together an avatar which hopefully looks like a crazy vampirish tinkerer. Ezura has great dark dresses so I choosed the black Lolita Crown dress as base. It comes with several skirts and includes the option to wear it as lingerie. Ezura also sells fitting shoes. The systempart of the gloves belongs also to the dress from Ezura but the glovetops with the bow belong to the black kidskin gloves from Indyra Originals. The hair comes from Exile. It was a bit tricky to adjust it as it is very wild and does not include resizescripts (it also did not work to put resizescripts into it). But with some help from friends it finally worked. The monocle comes from Super Possessed. The set includes a version for the left and the right eye. It has many details and is a great accessory. The hat was a huntgift in the first steampunk hunt.

Hair: Exile Zoe - blacks (250 L$ fatpack 1000L$)
Hat: *To-a-T ~ Industrial Topper- (Old Huntgift)
Glovetops belong to: Indyra Originals: La Capitaine: Noir (500 L$)
Monocle: Super Possessed : Possessed Monocle (150 L$)
Dress: + ezura + Lolita Crown Dress *Black Set (588 L$)
Shoes: + ezura + The Crown Lace Ankle Boots *Black Set (358 L$)

The picture has been taken at Siden with a pose from Purple Poses.

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