Sunday, October 23, 2011

Picking up the threads


There are many fabulous items to be picked up, what with all the new releases and so many hunts which are currently on the go that's so hard for a lady like me who has had to postpone her second life momentarily to pick up the threads. So yes I'm picking up the threads of where I left off and of course the threads as in clothes - sigh - sorry hehe.

 I decided that I needed to start somewhere and so I opted for The I need New Hunt (inn hunt) which runs from the 1st  - 30th October (check HERE for more details on participating stores you're looking for a bow) and the Seasons Hunt which is always a firm favourite (details  - HERE runts until the 29th October & you're looking for a pumpkin).

I'm absolutely loving Vero Modero's new boot collection and especially the Genova boots which I'm wearing below. They come in 5 great colours and I've got the feeling they're going to be hard to beat for my seasons favourite item.

Hat & Hair: 0L - Seasons hunt item >
Dress: 0L - Inn hunt item > Bonne Chance
Boots: 260L _ Genova Boots - Black > Vero Modero

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