Saturday, October 22, 2011

Searching for Esra

Sira and Nestor were used to the fact that Esra disappeared now and then. They all were siblings and had all the same training but Esra was a bit older than her sister and her brother. And, which was way more important than an age difference of 100 years, she loved risks way more than Sira and Nestor did. Now she had disappeared again and Sira was supposing the worst when she found a note about Esra's destination. She had been called to make an ancient machine on a distant island work again. After a long journey Sira and Nestor managed to find the island and they also found Esra but the fingers of one of her hand were missing.
Searching Esra
From 24th Oct. to 1st Nov. the Sanguine Noir Adventure hunt will take place at 22769. To gain the huntgifts the hunters will need to help Esra to get her fingers back which are spread all over the sim. But this help is rewarded very well with two complete outfits one for women and one for men. For men its a suit which fitting hat and boots. The sleeves of the jacket are opened, so the soft sleeves of the shirt under it are visible. The trousers and the jacket are covered with flower patterns. The dress for women fits perfectly to the one for the men so the sanguine noir hunt is a good way to get fitting outfits for a costume party. Women also get a hat and highheeled boots. The primparts on the female and the male outfit are mod. The 22769 sim is allready decorated for halloween so a hunt for fingers will be just creepy. For more information take a look at the 22769 Blog.
sanguine noir huntgifts

On Him:
Outfit: 22769 ~ casual couture Huntgift "Sanguine Noir Adventure [homme]"
Hair: Dura: Dura-Boy 12 (woodsmoke) (100 L$)
Skin: *KENTO* Toban_T2 - Pure (750 L$)
Eyes: Poetic Colors: classic summer breeze (m) dark (former freebie)

On Her:
Outfit: 22769 ~ casual couture Huntgift "Sanguine Noir Adventure [femme]"
Hair: Magika Hair - Buns - Black A (not available anymore)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry : sa_DragonEyes_IndigoFrost (65 L$)

Couple Pose: Magnifique Poses
Single Poses: Purple Poses

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