Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Wonders at Caverna Obscura!

One of my favorite stores, has loaded their lucky board full of pretty treasures! If you're not a member of the Caverna Obscura group, you can join by spending a minimum of 250L over any length of time at the store and once you're in You are SET!

~~~A curious bystander approaches the tree and beholds a great wonder as a winged creature approaches. The tiny sprite hovered for but a breath, practically on top of the bystanders own nose, before darting away with a musical laugh.~~~


Skin/Ears/Makeup - Plastik ~ Ataciara Melody! (619L)
Barefeet - SLink ~ Jolie Pied for Kids Flat Pivot Feet (650L)
Hair - Truth ~ Kalista Streaked in Copper (250L)
Outfit - Caverna Obscura ~ Beach Dress in Sunset! (Free on the group lucky board)

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