Sunday, October 16, 2011

[if life gives you lennon - take him!]

[if life gives you lennon, take him!]

Chucky Hollak and Freddy Krimmer of FRUK recently released their first skin, Lennon. I'm sure you've seen various images of him through all the feeds already - but that's okay, since he definitely deserves it! Lennon is an athletic guy, without being overly muscular at the same time; his body is well-defined, with a soft shading and highlights just in the right places, and I really adore the definition of the hip bones, which are one of my most favourite. bodyparts. ever. The skin comes in 4 tones and a total of 10 facial hairs, but you can also purchase add-ons on the tattoo layer, such as freckles, guyliner, lipgloss or a 'night on booze', such as various combinations of the aforementioned. Demos are free, so go and check out Lennon -
I'm sure you wanna take him home!

[if life gives you lennon, take him!]

Skin: FRUK - Lennon Skin Stubble black T2
Eyes: Poetic Colors - classic - surf grass
Underwear: NANUK - berg briefs white

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