Friday, October 21, 2011


The books did not like swearwords. It was something Eyleen should better have kept in mind. Now she had strange feeling that her skin was changing. She did not dare to stroke with her fingers over her cheek, else she would have felt the pulsating slimy material into which her skin was transforming. There were enough warnings about swearing around books. Swearwords were seldom used in books so books easily had the need to defend themself against the possibility that a swearword might get into them. Eyleen would need to apologize for having sweared maybe then the books would take back their spell so that her skin would be fine again.
Pumpkin coloured dres
Likka House sent out a halloween groupgift. Its a top with fitting skirt in two versions. The primparts have a resizescript and the top with the flower should go well with jeans as well. ND/MD take part in the second haunted forest hunt. One part of their gift is a female skin with alienlike spots on it. Beside the skin the gift also contains a female shape and fitting eyes. The skins from ND/MD are all very well made so this hunt is a chance to get one of theirs for nearly no lindens - all huntitems of that hunt are 1L$. The hair is a groupgift from Dura.

Dress: [Group Gift] LIKKA*HOUSE Flora-halloween (0 L$)
Skin: ND/MD Alien - Haunted Forest 2 (1 L$)
Hair: *Dura* Group Gift (0 L$)

The pose comes from Purple Poses and the picture has been taken at HALLOWEEN FUN.

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